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[Define] strategy

We'll use (and maybe help shape) your strategy to define the project scope. Once complete, our team provides expert advice to help you develop and deploy your new app. This is one of the most important phases, because it defines expectations for the rest of the project. Get this wrong, and your project will suffer in every subsequent phase.


Design [with purpose]

Once the strategy is complete, our world-class designers create the initial wireframes, which work as a visual storyboard of your app. As we move through the design phase, a style-guide is developed and implemented. This is where your new app begins to take on a form of its own. 


Develop, rinse, repeat

Your new app is given a breath of life! You can begin to see what it will eventually look like, and as the "dots" are connected, we're able to start deploying components on a rolling basis. The development phase is where the real work gets done. Once the first iteration of your app is done, we begin testing, measuring and optimizing.


Who We Are

Think Mobily is made up of passionate designers that focus on UI/UX design, mobile application development, HTML5 web design, strategic planning and marketing expertise with over 30 years of cumulative application development experience.

We've coordinated global teams of business owners, product managers, salespeople and network infrastructure across more than 5 countries, with a track record for completing projects on-time and on-budget, and help companies develop disruptive apps for industries ranging from healthcare to home automation, lifestyle to enterprise productivity, and everything in-between.

Our Secret Sauce

Our special formula for success is a result of our history. As is the case with most great products, we constantly iterate on our process to ensure we're utilizing the latest and most effective development methodologies. With that said, our basic formula doesn't change much.



Every iPhone, iPad and Android app needs a roadmap, and we define it during this phase.

Phase 2.png

Phase 2:



Now that we've measured twice, it's time to cut once. Putting pen to paper, we create wireframes, a style guide, and bring color to your app.

Phase 3: DEVELOP

This is where the real magic happens. Our iOS and Android developers begin the coding process, executing on your vision and bringing your app to life. Our meticulous effort in the previous two phases really pays off here.


Phase 4: LAUNCH

This is one of the most exciting times in an app's lifecycle – it's about to see the light of day! We handle everything from App Store/Google Play submission to creating marketing collateral for your app. Want help with marketing your app? You're in luck; our team has been building and marketing iPhone apps since 2008, so we've got you covered. Want to do some, or all of this on your own? That's cool too. We're here to help.

Phase 5: Refine

This is arguably the most important component of long term success. We provide industry-leading tools enabling you to understand the way your users engage with your app, which helps define the roadmap for iterative improvements.


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