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About Us

We design and develop quality, mobile-first technologies every day.

Anyone with a computer and some basic programming knowledge can develop an app or write a program.

At Think Mobily, we're focused on the bigger picture – the problem at-hand and the best possible solution – performing complex integrations, or developing custom hardware whenever those actions support achieving the primary goal of a given project. And with a full design & development team of over 70 at our disposal, we have the capacity to get almost any job done. Well.


Design Philosophy: Simple + Intuitive

Quality design is about beginning with the end in-mind, where form-follows-function every step of the way.

When it comes to designing hardware and software, simpler is always better, but that doesn't mean products have to be any less useful, powerful or secure, just because they're designed with simplicity in-mind. Intuitiveness creates delightfully simple experiences.

Simple design allows users to focus on tasks at-hand, while intuitiveness ensures users already know how to use the tools at their disposal.

That said, true value isn’t achieved by building stand-alone products or platforms; true value is achieved by creating products that are meant to work with the rest of their counterparts, ensuring that each subsequent addition makes the whole greater than the sum of all parts. It’s about thinking differently and appreciating the macro-view, determining how your goals influence that view before putting pen to paper.


Leadership + Background

Think Mobily was founded by Isaac Naor, previously CTO at a long-standing mobile software development and advertising firm. During the early 2000's, Naor was responsible for developing augmented reality (AR) shopping experiences, powered-by color SonyEricsson phones and primitive web technologies.

Moving forward, Naor built multiple mobile-first platforms from carrier-grade mobile messaging systems (still in-use by Tier 1 US wireless carriers today) to real-time-bidding (RTB) platforms, and then, the world's first 3D mobile-first social network and mobile OS with an integrated, proprietary and global, peer-to-peer mobile payments platform.

After 14 years in mobile ad-tech, Naor grew tired of mobile software's focus on advertising and shifted his career to building innovative mobile-first software & hardware aimed at improving peoples' lives.

Currently, Naor and his team are focused on the healthcare & wellness industries where they're making it possible to gather new, accurate data via the devices we're already carrying in our pockets, with side-projects ranging from peer-to-peer communications to home automation.